Nov. 16th, 2012

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(1) My home refinance is complete. A notary arrived at my house this AM to take me through the paper work. FINALLY! I originally contacted my mortgage company in early June, and was conditionally approved August 11th. WHUT is today? November 16th! It dragged on for so long they had to check all my financials a second time in case something had changed in the intervening three months since conditional approval. The only good thing about the delay is the value of my home went up and the interest rate I would have had on the refinance loan decreased by another 0.5%, giving me a 2.5% total drop in interest rate from my initial mortgage. I also have a shorter-term loan than before.

In the mean time, my finances were in a state of limbo for five months. Couldn't touch my nest egg because it was collateral, and had to put off my finance guy, who was trying to move forward on some investments we had discussed. Couldn't put too much on credit because it would effect my credit score. But I had to put things on credit because I didn't have enough cash for a few big purchases that I'd planned before this sleigh ride began.

(2) I was feeling under the weather in late Oct and early Nov, although in the past week, my strength has been returning. I was literally working from home in a horizontal position three weeks ago at this time. Not sure if it was the flu or the Autumn Icks I often get for no particular reason this time of year (stress, I guess; Fall is a busy time at my job.)

(3) I have been reading political news on the internet for the past week and a half. I'll stop, soon, as it goes from being entertaining to depressing again. There's definitely something wrong with me when I'm feeling too tired to write fiction and then find enough energy to read the Huff Post instead. Politics is so anti-Masq 99.9% of the time, I have to filter out my own brother on Facebook even though I agree with his positions on the issues.

(4) TV seems entirely lackluster this Fall, with just about every show I am watching. Nothing impressive, nothing that stands out as truly bad, either.

(5) I am going to San Francisco for Thanksgiving! Will see old friends and my nephew/grandnephew. Hopefully there will be pics. No, wait--my mother hath commanded me, "There WILL be pics!"

(6) I am plotting the next draft of my novel, although the burnt-out quotient is dragging that out. Keeping up the writing pace I did this summer through October was a lot of effort and part of the reason I started feeling under the weather. Mostly, I am putting together electronic "note cards" of story events and plot points that in short order I will attempt to organize into an actual PLOT.

At some point, though, I must balance out the "plotting" with actual writing. I don't want to force myself to write before I'm ready or I'll just over-rely on my first draft material and risk not "taking the story to the next level" as I want to. But as a Pantser, I also know my ideas often shift during the actual writing stage, negating well-intentioned attempts to "pre-plan."

But it occurs to me that in the second draft, I don't have to write in chronological order like I did the first draft--that is, chapter one first, chapter two second, etc. I did that for the benefit of my beta reader, so she'd have a consistent, unfolding story. But in the second draft, I can write whatever sections are inspiring me on a particular day.

So the tentative plan is to start writing on Jan 1st, regardless of where I am in the plotting process. I think it will be a NaNoWriYear of sorts, with a daily goal of 250-350 words. Maybe more if I don't want that draft to take me the entire year to write. And I will post little snippets in my journal if I think they're particularly interesting.

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