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January talking meme, Jan 5. From [profile] shadowkat67: Connor (angel the series) arc vs. Henry (ouat) arc.

My initial reaction to this topic was, "What do these characters have in common besides being the brats of their respective story universes? Not much!" But this turns out to be untrue.

As characters, both Connor and Henry are the children of the primary protagonist/hero of their respective shows (you can disagree with me that Emma is the primary protagonist/hero of OUAT, but there is a strong case to be made for this). Both were raised by their parent's enemies. And both are presented as relatively passive characters who are manipulated and that things happen to rather than characters who make choices and act on them.

Let's look at their respective arcs. Warning: as [profile] astrogirl2 would say, the deer got a bit teal here. Spoilers for all five seasons of Angel, and up to episode 3.11 of OUAT.

Connor )

Henry )

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Fannish 5

Jun. 9th, 2012 11:39 am
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Five canon events that you found unbelievable and wished had not happened.

Agreeing with my flist on a number of these:

Spoilers for some ridiculous character deaths )
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1. Leave a comment to this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows

Ganked from [personal profile] cornerofmadness who gave me the letter C. "C", as it turns out, is kinda hard. It's not a common letter for names. But here's mine:

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< Tongue in cheek > I sometimes find myself patronizingly befuddled at people who feel the need to write fan fiction AU's. What's the matter, you can't find a way to work whatever you need to see around the canonical narrative? After all, most narratives, especially in film and television, are open to some play of interpretation (I would consider most slash writing a play of interpretation, for example, rather than an AU).

And why do you need to see certain things so badly? It's the writer(s) story, after all, not yours. S/he/they owe you nothing. Find a story that works better for you. There's a universe of them.

Believe me, I understand the feeling of disappointment after you've invested emotionally in a story and it veers wildly askew of what you wanted to see. Witness Angel season four Congel, for example (Or don't. *Cringe*). Okay, they managed to patch some of that up in Season 5. And it's possible if they hadn't, I would have had to forget that show even existed. Which would have been a shame. But I wouldn't have written an AU. Got no use for them.

Except for what supposedly happened to Richie in Highlander. I know for a fact that never actually happened. He's in Nepal as we speak. Duncan was so relieved when he found out. </ Tongue in cheek >
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