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Jan. 24th, 2015 01:18 pm
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Wanted to thank everyone that gave me feedback on my short story, Home. I submitted an updated/edited version to the Maricopa Community Colleges Creative Writing contest and won an Honorable Mention Winner in the Fiction category. It will be published as part of an annual publication the contest puts out.

In other news, got done a round of epidural steroid shots on my cervical vertebrae. I have some other interventions lined up for shoulder muscle tension and an arthritic lumbar, so stay t00ned for that excitement.

I joined a nearby gym as part of the Wellness Program at my job and have been working on strength training and stretching with a personal trainer. I am also looking into non-inflammatory diets. OMG, I lost five pounds in the last month just eating healthier. Nothing motivates like PAIN.

I got my new orthopedic recliner finally. It's a good chair, but I still have issues that mean I can't sit all day like I used to. I think having to move around more just for comfort reasons contributed to the weight loss.

Finished the second draft of my novel despite my sitting issues, just by letting is SUCK all it wanted to. I needed to move seriously to working on the plot before I spilled any more pixels on the words.

Happy Birthday, [profile] crimsonsenya!!

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] lakrids404!!
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I sort of fell off the LJ train after my thirty days of posting thing.

Final Non-Nano November report: 65 out of 117 scenes

52 left for December.

These are the mini-scenes I identified for clean-up, double-checking, and/or composing.

Might have gotten a few more done over Turkey Day weekend, except I had another short story to write for my class, and arthritic impediments to writing I won't detail here.
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Conference in Phoenix for work this week means my mornings are getting eaten up by commuting, and my evenings involve collapse. Plus, this evening: comet!

Scene countdown, 11/11/14: 81 30%
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11/1: 117

11/2: 106

11/3: 100

Looks like I'm speeding along, but the scenes I'm working on will only get progressively more involved the further I go. I sorted them more or less by how much work needs to be done, so the ones I'm working on now are short, almost completed, or just need a polish. Then I will move on to longer, meandering scenes that need to be cleaned up, or are just big spaghetti messes of notes and half-written blurbs. Finally, I'll get to the ones that are basically a couple jotted outline notations and not written at all.

Fun, fun.
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...I have taken the remainder of the chapters for the second draft of my novel and divided them into a bunch of little mini-scenes, 117 in all, for clean-up, double-checking, and/or composing. I am going to try to get as many finished between now and the end of December as possible.

Actually at 106 left to do after yesterday and today.
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I have not been posting lately, except for the onslaught of September birthday greetings. Things are just kind of all happening at once around here.

(1) My novel writing stalled out. I realized I had too much material for one book a while back, so I decided to plan for a trilogy. But then I didn't outline books 2 or 3, and lately, I've found all the stuff I should have moved out of book 1 creeping back into book 1. So I am taking time out to outline all three books. In the meantime, the novel 1 second draft ground to a halt. Trying to get back to that.

(2) Wanting to write other stuff besides aforementioned novel, I decided to take an online writing course through a local college. It started September 3rd. I am trying to keep my A-student, decades-of-writing-experience ego out of this, because it's been a LOOOONG time since I was a student, and the main challenge for me in this course is finding the student mindset again. Learning, not teaching, getting assignments done instead of bitching that I don't have the time. And courage, courage to let other people read my writing while it's still raw, and without the very act of making it public change what I write about. These have all been problems in the past for me.

In other words, my goal is just to pass the class, not get an "A." I am hoping writing classes will push me to be more interactive and social with my writing, allowing more feedback and motivation for more small projects unrelated to the Novel that Won't End.

(3) I recently got a new dentist, who insisted on fresh x-rays. So this fun week, I had a root canal on Monday, after which the endodontist said he would not give me a permanent crown until after I had the wisdom tooth next to it (the cracked one) pulled. So this morning, I had that tooth pulled. It was quick and non-eventful, except for the pre-procedure jitters and the--ouch, damn!--local anesthetic injections.

(4) I'm getting really tired of eating soft foods. I've been doing that all week. I think if I see another mashed potato, it will end up on someone's face. Still, pasta and apple sauce and soup's still the food plan for at least another three days.

(5) On Monday--yes, the same day as the root canal--the Phoenix area had a record rain storm, most of which landed squarely in the Tempe/Guadulupe area. In other words, my stomping grounds. I have been putting off a roof recoating for months because it never rains in Arizona. Monday, I had leaks in at least three windows and two roof lines. So now I have a wee-hours appointment next week for the roofers to inspect it and give me an estimate.

Dentist bills. Home maintenance bills. Tuition bills. And the giant Time Suck of Everything. Please to be stopping the world, I want to get off for a day or two? Thnks.Bye.
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(1) I am exhausted. Literally, fall-over-into-bed-after-work exhausted. Combination of Spring insomnia, work-work busy-ness, and daily novel rewrite sessions, methinks. Also, not having taken a whole lot of vacation since Christmas.

(2) I have been saving my vaca days up for a July get-away, a visit from a friend in October, and of course, this year's Christmas. Plus now I am saving up for a visit to Australia in summer 2015. For this, I need to request three weeks off in a row. Not that I'm not looking forward to Australia, but bunching up vacation time into one big ball means not getting as much in the interim.

(3) Further on the topic of vacation: starts tomorrow! Seattle, followed by Vancouver Island, followed by Vancouver. Sure, I have been to Vancouver, like, a bazillion times, but the Sculptor has not. Did you know Vancouver Island has vineyards? And, of course, Vancouver has Storybrooke. Plus bonus [personal profile] midnightsjane.

(4) I have been fighting my fatigue and extreme vacation-needing lately by staring at my Twitter feed. I NEVER do this. The Place of Tweets has been neglected for years, except for when my Wordpress blog auto-updates it. Now I am using it to find cool science articles, and in the process, became addicted to @ISEE3Reboot and #ISEE3. For those who don't know, this is a project by some citizen scientists to reawaken a derelict space probe from the 1970's that was abandoned by NASA in 1999, rescue it from its wanderings through space, and pull it into Earth orbit to Do More Science.

I'm less excited about the specifics of their project than how it all came about. When NASA told them they could not fund time on the Deep Space Network to attempt to communicate with the probe, these guys used "crowd sourcing" to raise the money - getting public donations. Private citizens who aren't corporations doing space stuff, guyz!!!
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Spoiler warning: Skin Game (The Dresden Files)

A while back, I posted an angst about point of view and the pacing of information reveals in my novel. My novel is, at its core, a mystery. The answers to the mystery gradually unfold for the reader as the protagonists investigate and make discoveries. In the first draft, I set a major "reveal" towards the end of the novel. The challenge was setting the stage for that reveal without giving it away.

The novel uses rotating third person subjective points of view. This created a problem for my reveal, because there was more than one character whose point of view I wrote through who knew a lot more about what was going on than my putative protagonists. It seemed rather contrived to me that we could be in the head of a character who knows important information about the events unfolding around them, and they would fail to think about those events using the knowledge they had. It would be one thing if the novel's point of view was the omniscient narrator, dancing around from head to head. But this is the subjective third person, where the narrator just is the character.

In the second draft, I moved the big reveal to a few chapters in from the beginning, and took the point of view of characters who knew too much out of rotation until I was ready to reveal what they knew. Better to have them remain enigmatic then let the reader enter their heads and have them somehow just not think things that would give the mystery away.

As a result of my struggle with this, I now have a low tolerance for published authors who hide the "big twist" at the climax of their novels by having characters who are already aware of this twist conveniently not think of it.

This is something Dan Brown has done flagrantly in his past couple novels. In both Inferno and The Lost Symbol, he reveals facts about particular characters towards the end designed to change the reader's whole perception of the events of the novel. But he does this by taking us into their heads throughout the book and just not showing them thinking of things that are no doubt on their minds, like, "How am I going to pull blah-blah-blah off without giving myself away?" That would really be foremost in their minds, I would think. Sometimes, Brown has characters think of events in their lives that are later revealed to never to have happened. Were they rehearsing their fake backstories to help pull off the con?

It just seems to me a simple fact of psychology that, if the stakes are high, and you are a character deliberately withholding information from other characters, you would think about what you knew. Because people? Don't control their thoughts. We think what we think.

In retrospect, you can see the clues Brown scatters for you throughout his books that reveal the twist, which a twisty story should do, but you also see the cheating attempts at misdirection.

I'm not surprised by this sort of clumsiness from Brown, who knows oodles about history and archeology, but much less about writing. But it is also a reason I was less than fond of the latest Dresden Files novel, Skin Game. There's a "big twist" towards the end of the novel in which Harry is in dire straights and an unexpected alliance is revealed that comes as a surprise to the double-crossing head of the expedition Harry is on, and to the reader.

Hiding that information from the reader is even clumsier in Skin Game than it is in Dan Brown novels, because Butcher's readers spend the entire book in Harry Dresden’s head (indeed, it is written in the first person), and if anyone is an up-front guy, narrating his every thought and bit of reasoning (so much so it breaks up action sequences awkwardly), it's Harry Dresden.

Maybe I shouldn’t worry about writing in the head of a character and not revealing highly relevant things s/he knows. Heck, if bestselling authors get away with it, why shouldn’t I?
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About two years ago, I paid a good peck to get my author website professionally designed and hosted. The woman was really easy to work with, and I chose her because I was impressed with other author websites she'd done, so I had high hopes for the site. But when she presented the design draft to me, it was kind of a patchy-looking eyesore. I gave her repeated suggestions for cleaning it up, but finally spent my design sum, gave up, and let the site be.

I didn't like visiting it, so I wasn't motivated to add new info to it, and had I been so inclined, I would have had to send in any changes (even a font color change to one word) and pay for them to be updated.

As a result of all this, my website sat there for two years unchanged and unpromoted.

I went to a professional to begin with because my previous attempts at doing a website myself ended in equal disaster--I'm no designer. But I do have two ounces of computer programming saavy to rub together, and I am familiar with the job of running a website.

About a year ago, I started playing with Wordpress, which already hosted my public blog, adding static pages to a mirror of the blog site. Finally, finally, this past week I was ready to launch a website that I have hands-on control over:

Favor? Can people hop by there and make sure all the pages and images load, and the links work? I tested everything, but sometimes internet cookies will fool you.

Check in

May. 19th, 2014 10:20 am
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I realized May is half over and I have not updated my LJ. I'm around, I read my flist every day and respond to stuff that catches my eye. Work is still busy, and my novel second draft is progressing, and there's not a lot of variation in that schedule that's post-worthy. Plus, I'm just plain exhausted.

I am glad the regular television season is wrapping up, I was watching about a dozen shows and keeping pace with that is a source of aforementioned exhaustion. More or less liked OUAT's third season (season two is my favorite so far, I think), and enjoyed Grimm as well, especially the new recurring character, Trubel, who is many kinds of awesome. She could have walked off the pages of one of my own stories. I always have a screwed-up brunette tough-girl.

Things to look forward to for the summer: fresh cherries, Orange is the New Black s. 2, the new Dresden Files, and my trip to Seattle/Vancouver, BC at the end of June/beginning of July. Beyond that, I plan on hibernating with my writing. Summers have always, generally speaking, been just a stretch of time for me to endure.
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I have not posted a real post in like, the longest time. I read my flist daily and hang around other people's LJs/DWs, but posting, not so much. Things have been kind of insane-busy of late.

(1) Work. Multiple projects. Colleagues on vacations at the exact wrong time.

(2) On a marathon draft of my novel. This will take a while. I have sort of accepted that. It's a complicated little bugger.

(3) Also attempting to write a few short stories. Totally different mindset than a novel. Trying to get into that mindset by reading other people's short stories. Science fiction, mostly. Got recs?

(4) Cooking. I have been doing some cooking. Gets me out of my writer's chair on Sundays. I have made some actually pretty yummy, healthy foods. And lost, like, five pounds in the process. Then stressed out big time (see 1 above), went on a sugar rampage, and gained it all back.

Hi, I'm Masq, and I am a sugar addict. No, really. Despite the OMG-yummy (healthy fats! healthy carbs! Vegetables with actual flavor!), my body Freaked Out against the healthy, and now I have to do that withdrawal thing all over again. But at least now I know what to expect when I go back to my new healthy way of eating. My sugar addiction weathered previous periods of weight loss because I was eating processed diet foods with all those hidden, processed sugars. Take those away, and you're left dangling above a very deep pit you never knew was there.

But back to the cooking part. Here's the things my momma never told me about cooking:
(a) when you cook something, it's never one serving. So all that effort actually goes into multiple meals.
(b) when you cook, you can eat anything you want. This may sound like a trivial truth. I'm a grownup, of course I can eat anything I want. But as a processed-food eating grownup, I was pretty much restricted to what someone else had decided to make and package. When you make it yourself, you are still at the mercy of stores to stock basic ingredients, but so far I've been able to find everything.
(5) Anyway. It's Spring. I don't breath. I don't sleep. I just watch the city roll up the sidewalks for the coming months of hibernation.

(6) There's ten gazillion good things on TeeVee right now. OUAT, of course (*sob*lastweek*sob*), Continuum, Grimm, Cosmos, The Americans, and SOON more Orange is the New Black and Orphan Black. Yipee. Okay, The Vampire Diaries is tedious, OUAT: Wonderland was dull as a stump, and Criminal Minds is being written by a million monkeys with a million typewriters (would someone please put it out of my misery please)?

That's about the it.
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January talking meme, Jan 23. From [personal profile] cactuswatcher: If you were asked to write a series of novels with the same central characters, what qualities do you think a protagonist's significant other should have and why? Should they be faithful, duplicitous, honest, suspicious, helpful, boring, good listeners...?

As it turns out, I am in fact writing a series of novels with the same central characters (more or less). And what I am struggling with is giving aforementioned central characters any significant others at all. These are healthy young women in their early 30's. By all accounts, they should have love lives or sex lives or something. And yet I am much more interested in the mystery they have to solve than who they are sleeping with or dating.

Trying to squeeze significant others into a story where I haven't made room for them just because it is weird for them not to be there is kind of a pain.

There was a time when the romantic relationships in my stories were front and center, and the sci-fi/fantasy elements were window dressing around them. And when that was true, the significant others could have any of the above qualities. The plots were character-driven, so the traits of the significant others weren't chosen to be helpful to the plot, the plot was chosen because it fit the characters.

My stories are still character-driven, but not by the romantic relationships in them. So Significant Others tend to be more plot-driven than the main characters, who drive the plot. Now, my characters' romantic/love/sex interests must have some other role to play in the story, just so they don't feel tacked on. For example, the story has a police officer character. So what if one of my main character's exes is that cop? The story has a person from a mysterious group spying on my other main character. So what if he's the guy she picked up in a bar and had a one night stand with, and now he's starting to fall for her a little?

Only problem with this approach is you need to follow up on the relationship repercussions of Significant Other's independent connection to the story (as opposed to the regular plot/character repercussions), and sometimes I forget to do that.

Maybe it's not that I'm getting old. Maybe my priorities are just shifting. I've read enough fiction to know a lot of time the Significant Others are just tacked on (especially the wives). But honestly, if your main character goes through Changes, you need to show the person they are intimate with reacting to those changes, which in turn the main character reacts to. The best written stories make SO's an active part of the plot in some shape or form, even if it's peripheral.
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Sunday, I hit a wall with my novel. I have been working on the action parts of the story for most of this month, and had 7-8 scene/chapters left to go and just could not figure out how to write them. Ends are tricky. In some ways, they ARE the novel, because they are what everything is building up to. Whatever your novel is ABOUT is encapsulated in the ending. Which is why a bad ending is worse than a bad middle, or a bad beginning.

The ending is also very important if one of the goals of this novel is to make it the first novel in a series. The ending sets up whatever comes next, and my interest in what comes next determines my interest in writing a series instead of a stand-alone novel.

I had an ending of my novel all figured out, but just could not get it written. And I think I realized Sunday that I don't like the ending. The planned ending was not a place I felt inclined to build future stories on. It was all politics of the story world and I think I really want to tell a story about one individual and her personal struggle with all that world-building as backdrop. Right now, the beginning and middle contain arcs supporting both of those endings/emphases--politics of the story-world and her personal struggle. It's a little chaotic, representing two competing visions for the novel simultaneously.

Next step: nail down how I want the ending to play out, then decide what stays and what goes in everything I've written.

This may or may not mean that NaNo 2013 is officially over. Not that I was keeping a word count or anything.
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I am moving ahead, but much of the descriptive part of my chapters is on hold until I can make a "business trip" to San Francisco to get a "you are there" feel. That's set for mid-February. Too much else going on before then.

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My mom has been grounded for a few weeks waiting for her eye doctor to sign off on her driver's license and the paperwork on that to go through, so I've had a few early mornings driving her to errands and appointments. Since mornings are my best writing time, that's taken a bite out of NaNo.

My writing strategy this week has been to do timed writings. Pick a chapter I need to work on, read what I've written on it so far, what I have planned for it, then give myself 15 minutes to do some non-stop writing on the chapter without reconsulting my notes. Timed writing forces you to write whatever comes to mind, and sometimes think outside the box.

That's actually helped me to reconceptualize my chapters a little, stretch them some.

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Pluggin' and chuggin'

 photo buttonphp-13_zps4802f89a.png
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Day nine already and I've fallen officially behind. But that was by design. I realized I was just writing to get each chapter done, and the writing kinda sucked. All talking heads, nothing interesting going on. So I've stepped back to think about the scenes: what's happening to the characters, what emotions need to be conveyed, and think about how setting and action builds that. In short, how to make the scenes I'm writing more interesting before I start putting words down. Hopefully I will get back to writing this weekend.

 photo buttonphp-09_zps7038542f.png
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Not falling behind in my planned writing schedule quite yet, but it could happen because I am aiming for quality, not just quantity. I am trying to stretch my writing and not just pound out whatever.

Also, feeling the November blechs this week. I don't know why every November I start feeling achy and worn out. I have blamed flu shots or busy work schedules in past years, but I had my flu shot in September and work has had an okay pace of late.

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Action is a mixed bag. So many scenes amount to talking heads not doing a whole lot, and it's really hard to make that not… boring. And then, when you do have a real actiony action scene, it's a lot of work. I keep reminding myself a draft is a draft, even if it's the second draft. It doesn't have to be perfect. I reinvisioned a lot of this novel, which means I'm writing a lot of new material from scratch.

Get it out now, edit it later.

Second draft is  photo buttonphp-03_zps8c3abb5d.png done.

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So I worked out a crazy-@ssed percentage system to work with my writing plan. I figure by this system that I started my day with draft 2 about 34.65 percent done, and ended my day at 37.13.

Good thing NaNo is getting started with a weekend.

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Nano Plano

Oct. 31st, 2013 04:32 pm
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So I'm doing NaNoWriMo without the word count. Instead of words, I'll be counting completion of scenes, but since I write in layers, it will be completion of different layers. The dialogue is done, and I left off earlier this month with action. I have about 25% of the action parts written. Then I work on description (mostly unfinished), and finally, introspection (ditto). It's weird, but it works for me at the draft stage.

So my NaNo counter will be a percentage finished, I just have to work out how the percentages are going to work. Action takes up substantially more of a scene than description and introspection, and they're all sort of intertwined, so as you write one you're writing a bunch of the other.
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I've been on a bit of a roll the past few mornings. My writing, while not great in quantity, is markedly better in quality--just much more interesting word choices and turns of phrases. Tough to take a week's break and start up again in November, but I am about half way done the second draft, so another month should finish it up.

Guess I'm doing NaNo, but without the word count.
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I dumped the word count today. Actually, I backed up my record of it, then erased it from the spreadsheet where I was keeping track. I have been slipping further and further behind in it (even though I'm over the 50K Nano expects in thirty days), but the slippage isn't from not working hard, it's just from having to stop and think and plan and struggle with ideas and words.

In other words, it wasn't serving me to obsess over it. It's kind of less fun, working without my reward system (wee! Word count, going up!), but also liberating because I don't feel this pressure to rush through things. The plan now is to finish out the thirty days, take a week's break, then start back in in November, still sans word count, so not technically Nano, but certainly taking advantage of the Nano spirit.

I will judge my progress by how many scenes I've completed, or partially completed. I'm in the thick of writing the action for each chapter now, so go me.
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(1) Took the Sculptor down to the Arizona wine country for her birthday. Yes, Arizona has a wine country, and makes the wine thereof, and it's not half bad. We bought several bottles during our trek (all red, butofcourseisthereanotherkind), one of which tastes like drinking chocolate (without actually containing chocolate, mind you). Fun was had. No limbs were lost.

(2) Rounded day 21 of my Second Draft WriMo this AM. Hit 50K on day... 18 or 19, I forget. No matter, most of the scenes aren't done. Took the weekend off from it and jumped back in today.

(3) My cholesterol level has been steadily rising in the past year for no good sane reason. My diet hasn't changed, and is healthy, all things considered. My mom informed me the same thing happened to my dad, and it's genetic. My brother has been on meds for it for ten years now. Okay, so fine. I went on generic Lipitor shortly after I returned from my vacation and Have Not Been Able to Lose A Pound of vacation fat. I just wiggle back and forth between Unmentionable Weight A and Unmentionable Weight A+1. Up down, up down. It's kind of a bad joke.

(4) Considering using this LJ to post some poetry and original short fic. Looking to eventually get it into shape for submission and/or posting on my writing website. Yes, I have a writing website. But I'm not fond of the design and am currently working on moving it over to WordPress and overhauling the design.
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Note to self: making a daily word count total, not a priority. Coming up short is a lot less important than fixing an outline that falls to mush at the end for one of the characters. Got that tightened up today, so now any words I write in those chapters might actually stand a chance of staying in the novel and I can move forward with those scenes.

In related news, I am getting all the preliminary NaNoWriMo emails, but since I'm basically "NaNoing" my second draft now, I won't be doing any Nano-style writing in November. I'll take a break from this novel for a few weeks, then start editing draft two.
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It never ceases to amaze me that I can have all day Sunday to pound on my novel and have it just be a la-dee-da busy-work experience, then I get up Monday morning and have two and a half hours, tops, and I end up throwing out an entire chapter, start a complete rewrite of another chapter from scratch, AND bring in an entire scene I sequestered off in book 2 back into book 1.

Weird, that. But I'm moving along. Yesterday and today are the "half way" points of my writing marathon.
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Day 10: I think I figured out how I can write the same amount in two to three hours on a week day as I can with five plus hours on a weekend day. I just write like a crazed madwoman on week day mornings, without trying to organize the bits relative to the rest of the scene, or judge whether they fit into the scene at all. And say what you want about the benefits of unfettered creative output--letting the right brain do its thing. There are limits to that where you can cross the line into unproductive chaos.

And this is a second draft, not a first. I have an outline. Admittedly, there are some holes in that outline that could use a good dose of creativity. But only some.

Day 11: I didn't get as much writing done this morning since I actually slept in a little. I don't want to complain about that. Since I had less time and was not going to make any word count goal, I decided to use what time I had to get more organized. Trying to cram 2,667 words into a morning meant I was losing track of what I'd finished and what I had left to do.
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Saturday: It amazes me how, when I have five hours on a weekend day to write, I nevertheless don't seem to write more than when I have two or three hours on a weekday morning. It's like the amount of effort waxes and wanes to fill the time available.

Sunday: a little more time, a few more words. But now I'm leaving the comfort of dialog and starting to get into the action of the various scenes, and already hitting a wall of, "Well, crap, the way I envisioned this scene in the outline just isn't working."

So do you stop, step back, and re-invision during a writing marathon, or just write it the crap way to get the scene out?

I know. I'll take a break and watch me some OUAT.
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Tuesday evenings are turning into busy nights for me, and for that matter, so are Wednesday mornings and evenings. So I skipped the day 3 check in.

I do think I overestimated how much of what I've already written could be picked up whole cloth and plunked down into the second draft. I still look it over and feel the need to pick at it, taking out stuff I know I'm no longer going with just so it's NOT IN THERE when I have the draft done. So that slows me down some.

As of day 4, I am still managing to keep up the pace.
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Day two of my DraftTwoWriMo, and I've already gone over my maximum scene word limit on a particular scene, but it is what it is: marathon writing doesn't give you the luxury of going back and cutting something down just to keep it under a word limit. I can edit it later, or "buy" words from scenes that come in under their limit.

Today I scrabbled around for bits and pieces that were already written. The ultimate goal of this marathon is to fit them into the second draft like puzzle pieces and fill in the gaps with new writing.

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