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I have not been posting lately, except for the onslaught of September birthday greetings. Things are just kind of all happening at once around here.

(1) My novel writing stalled out. I realized I had too much material for one book a while back, so I decided to plan for a trilogy. But then I didn't outline books 2 or 3, and lately, I've found all the stuff I should have moved out of book 1 creeping back into book 1. So I am taking time out to outline all three books. In the meantime, the novel 1 second draft ground to a halt. Trying to get back to that.

(2) Wanting to write other stuff besides aforementioned novel, I decided to take an online writing course through a local college. It started September 3rd. I am trying to keep my A-student, decades-of-writing-experience ego out of this, because it's been a LOOOONG time since I was a student, and the main challenge for me in this course is finding the student mindset again. Learning, not teaching, getting assignments done instead of bitching that I don't have the time. And courage, courage to let other people read my writing while it's still raw, and without the very act of making it public change what I write about. These have all been problems in the past for me.

In other words, my goal is just to pass the class, not get an "A." I am hoping writing classes will push me to be more interactive and social with my writing, allowing more feedback and motivation for more small projects unrelated to the Novel that Won't End.

(3) I recently got a new dentist, who insisted on fresh x-rays. So this fun week, I had a root canal on Monday, after which the endodontist said he would not give me a permanent crown until after I had the wisdom tooth next to it (the cracked one) pulled. So this morning, I had that tooth pulled. It was quick and non-eventful, except for the pre-procedure jitters and the--ouch, damn!--local anesthetic injections.

(4) I'm getting really tired of eating soft foods. I've been doing that all week. I think if I see another mashed potato, it will end up on someone's face. Still, pasta and apple sauce and soup's still the food plan for at least another three days.

(5) On Monday--yes, the same day as the root canal--the Phoenix area had a record rain storm, most of which landed squarely in the Tempe/Guadulupe area. In other words, my stomping grounds. I have been putting off a roof recoating for months because it never rains in Arizona. Monday, I had leaks in at least three windows and two roof lines. So now I have a wee-hours appointment next week for the roofers to inspect it and give me an estimate.

Dentist bills. Home maintenance bills. Tuition bills. And the giant Time Suck of Everything. Please to be stopping the world, I want to get off for a day or two? Thnks.Bye.


Dec. 10th, 2013 05:02 pm
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I am looking forward to some parts of Christmas--spending time with my family, eating good food. But the gift-giving parts, not so much. Not that I have a problem spending a little dough on my loved ones. But this year especially, I am not looking forward to being on the receiving end.

Back in January, I made a New Year's resolution to declutter one item a day for the entire year of 2013, and I am pleased to say I've kept that resolution. A lot of it was finding ten things to tie me over for the next ten days, then ignoring the resolution for a week and half. And sometimes, I would count four identical items as one day's item, while other times, I'd put the multiple identical items I wanted to ditch on different days, depending on how likely it was I'd fall behind in my resolution.

But yeah, December is a third over, and I'm finished for the year. You wouldn't know it to look at my place. I kept all my crap tucked away where no one could see it, so visually it hasn't changed all that much. But if you were to walk into the Good Will down the street from my place? It would be, like, House of Masq.

What really has changed is my feeling about "stuff." I don't want "stuff" for Christmas. The thought of it just viscerally turns me off. I want tickets to a show, or a gift card to a spa, or something else experiential. Enrich my life, don't clutter my house. My sister-in-law, bless her heart, got me some random stuff for my birthday that sad to say is going to end up in the Good Will box. I just have no use for it whatsoever, but I don't want to insult her by saying so. If I must have stuff, the annual trading-of-the-Amazon-gift-cards is A-Okay with me. I will purchase eBooks.

This may suck some of the fun out of Christmas. The Sculptor and I always play Santa for each other and fill each others' stockings. How many of her stocking stuffers ended up in the GW box after last Christimas and/or on the kitchen counter at work for other people to eat so I could maintain my girlish figure? Yeah, I'm kind of Scroogey that way now.

Not sure I will play 365 things next year. I was actually stunned I could always find stuff if I looked hard enough this year. I probably could find 365 more things if I put my mind to it, but it can be exhausting at times. What it did do was change the way I look at the importance of "gotta keep this in case I need it" and "gotta buy this!" And it makes me value the stuff I hung on to all that much more. So I'll carry one thing into 2014: a new attitude.

365 Things

Jan. 1st, 2013 11:02 am
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One of my New Year's resolutions is less a resolution than an experiment. I am going to try to rid myself of one object, thing, trinket, machine, doodad, tchotchke, whatever a day for the next year.

There are not many people who would accuse me of having a cluttered house--I don't think it's cluttered--and yet, I still wonder what it would *feel like* to live in a house that isn't full of what are basically useless distractions. Junk you save thinking it will "have a use someday" that sits there for years serving no purpose whatsoever, practical or aesthetic or entertainment.

The ground rules are pretty simple.

(1) The day's discard can be one object (say, one issue of a magazine), or a group of objects (all issues of that magazine),
(2) It has to go in the recycling or be donated to a charity/or Good Will, unless it's really truly biodegradable junk,
(3) It can't be anything I'm getting rid of simply to replace it with a newer thing that performs the same function.
(4) It can't be anything with a natural short life span, like fruit peels or paper towels.

So today's Thing is

(1) a basket full of silk flowers and plants.
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A lot of people don't like doing New Years resolutions, and I don't blame them. Each year of our lives has a particular flow, and the flow we are in in one year is different than the one we veer into in the next, and therefore the expectations we develop from one may not apply to the other at all. We can't always control the way our lives flow.

But I think those of us privileged enough to have some semblance of control over at least part of our time ought to at least visualize how we'd like to spend that time, even if other stuff comes along to divert us from those visions. 2012 was a case-in-point year for that.

Read more... )

2012 had a lot to commend for it. And more than one place to improve.
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In the immortal words of Bill Murray:

"I'm alive, and so are you...!"

At least for the moment.

I really need to get to those Christmas movies soon. Scrooged is one of my favorites. Who says its dated?! The '80's is vintage now, people. Other faves are Scrooge '51 and of course the Rudolph and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town* puppet-mations.

* Although have you ever noticed how that movie just makes up sh@t about the story behind different Christmas traditions--both pagan and Christian, all of which there is an actual real reason for and some of which is therefore kind of sacrilegious?

Today is the last day of work before vaca. Won't be back until next year. NEED this rest, I am so burnt out right now.

In other news, I am still working on PlotWriMo. And discovering, to my dismay, that my novel draft just completed in Oct does not have a plot. Or, I'm having trouble finding it. I need to cut myself a break, I think. Firstly, I decided back in Oct that the novel is really at least three novels, and secondly, this month I discovered early on that the plot to the draft I wrote is really the plot of book two, not book one.

So there is work to be done, pulling the elements of book one out of the draft and giving them a proper structure.

Speaking of structures, my new living room patio door is being installed. They are having to do it in layers (frame, stucco, drywall/trim, painting) so it's still in progress. I am photo-documenting all the stages and will blog on it later.

Christmas is proceeding apace. Like last year, me and mine are all gathering at my brother's house to watch his son open up everyone's presents. Then we will listen to the Messiah and attempt to assemble aforementioned presents, then we will go to the country club for dinner.

The only diff this year--well, two diffs: The Sculptor is joining us for the morning gift opening portion, as well as the dinner portion (which she did with us last year). Also, The Sculptor and I have been drafted to help my SIL play Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, wrapping all the kids' gifts and assembling a few she wants set up under their tree.

In the past few days, I have been experimenting with my planned cable-free lifestyle, trying out various apps on my Google TV for keeping up with my current shows. You can't watch the latest episodes in some cases the night they air on regular TV, but you can still keep up, so I think this may work. The real challenge will be figuring out how to tell Cox I'm down-sizing to internet-only without them trying to bully me into accepting a simpler cable package.
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So I am apparently in the process of applying to refinance my house. I didn't think this would be possible for me, given how much my house has declined in value since I bought it (last year the loan lady at my bank laughed me right out the door). But I could whack a good two percentage points off my interest rate according to my current loan co.

Here's hoping.

In other news, the sleep study is back on. The policy that made my insurance co deny my request for the sleep study service was supposedly changed as of June 1st, so they could schedule me again. I checked the notice the insurance co sent me a couple months back, and it looks like the policy change has to do with not needing authorization before the service. I am not sure that's the same thing as "(not) requiring a certain diagnosis", which is the original reason they denied--I didn't have a sleep apnea diagnosis.

At any rate, they will have a couple weeks to deny again if there was some confusion.

In other news, I have an ant infestation in my work cube. They need to spray near the wall outside. In the mean time, I peppered my cube with ant traps that I bought on my own dime. The boss bought spray but has not sprayed it yet. Maybe this weekend?

This just in: my coffee maker died. The GF loaned me her french press since she's not much of a coffee drinker anymore. I am learning the delicate art of getting coffee right in it. Only major downsides so far are (1) the second cup is always cold and has to be nuked and (2) I can't get two days' worth of morning coffee out of one pot.

I am SO ready for my vacation.
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I set out my New Year's resolutions before NYE this year, but after a week of working on them, I want to scribble down a few first impressions.

Writing )

Home improvements )

Work )

Weight/health )

That's about the it.
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For the first five months of this year, it seemed everything I did, every plan I made, was made with the ultimate goal of making sure that nothing, absolutely nothing, interfered with my Fabulous South-of-the-Border vacation. I manipulated people and projects at work so that when vacation time came, they'd have no reason to say I had to postpone. And that took some doing at times, I tell you. Working overtime. Planning ahead to start projects that hadn't even been assigned to me yet. Badgering the boss to hire more people, even to bring back people I don't like.

I pinched pennies and put off major purchases, I dabbled in story projects while obsessing about trip itinerary details, I had horrible, passing, secret wishes about the needs and emergencies of people in my life and the Sculptor's not becoming too demanding.

And then the vacation happened. And now it's over. Of course, I spent two weeks afterwards recovering physically and pouring through photos. But I finished that Sunday night, and suddenly, I have all this time on my hands.

But not really. I have things I was working on before that I'm not even sure how to get back into. My old novel, which really needs to see the light of day, my new story, which I'm only a couple chapters into. My house, which is always a work in progress.

There are are other things, but those are the three major ones, I suppose. Time to focus.
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Monday marks the third year anniversary of me living in this house. And just on schedule, my home improvements have started to turn into home maintenance. The AC upgrade this summer was purely voluntary, motivated by tax credits, but a few weeks ago, I saw that my water heater had sprung a slow leak. Finally had the plumber in this morning to look at it, and it needs to be replaced. Sigh.

Another expense to add onto a budget that is seriously already squeezed by the Big Trip I have planned for this June. Mexico City, the Yucatan, and Peru. Ten days of climbing pyramids. Should be awesome.

On other fronts, I finally got a dining room chandelier put up in place of the gawd-awful dark-nightclub-at-2am-last-call track lights I inherited when I moved in. Truly, the most useless lighting in the universe, both in terms of shedding some light on the subject, and in making me look like that person you've been dancing with half the evening in aforementioned dark nightclub, who, upon the gawd-awful house lights going up, is not as attractive as you thought.

Pics at some point of le chandelier.

I also took on the singularly exciting task of painting all the doors and molding trim in the house. Sounds trivial, but whoever painted it before did a half-assed job using white-white paint that I have been staring at for three years. I chose a slight off-white to ease the contrast and have completed the master and guest bedrooms and master and guest bathrooms. My life is so thrilling! Also, new curtains in the guest bedroom. The vertical blinds are history. Some day soon, I shall do the same for the living room verts.
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I decided to use one of these internet services that gives you a list of local (in this case) electricians based on the work you want done (installing a new chandelier). You enter your address and check boxes about what you need to have done, and they give you a short list of recommendations.

I do this, and as I am perusing the results deciding who to contact, my phone rings, and it's one of the guys on the list. Well, on voice mail, anyway. I didn't pick up the phone. It's kinda creepy.
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I believe it was my cross-town neighbor [personal profile] cactuswatcher who said that the Phoenix area has two Springs. One comes after Winter, the other comes after Summer. Twice a year, people come out of hibernation to open their doors once more to let the fresh air in. Things get planted and existing trees and shrubs blossom.

For the past couple weeks, I have been on a cleaning kick in the hope that I could really, finally have an allergen-free house. I loved my kitties very much, and I don't think there is anyone on my flist who doubts it, but let's face it: cats are rather filthy, especially older cats with health problems. And one way I have dealt with their loss is to keep myself busy. This time around, "busy" has included vacuuming and scrubbing my house from top to bottom. I haven't had a cat-free house in eighteen years, and I want to see if it makes a difference with my allergies.

I remember a time when I didn't have allergies the way I do now. I often site my year in Davis, CA as the approximate date the allergies really started to bother me. I always sort of blamed it on the rural location of that town, but, you know, I moved away. That should have fixed it. It only occurred to me recently that Davis is also where I lived when I got my kitty Laren.

Maybe this is all futile given the pollen in the air right now, but I still have this hope that cleaning out the cat hair, dander, and dust will somehow make me not quite so Kleenex-dependent.
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Earlier this year, I bought a chair that felt fine on the showroom floor, but about killed my back after 8+ hours of sitting in it. All La-Z-Boy could do was offer to let me come back and pick out another one, and though it was a little better, again, hours and hours of sitting just added up to aches and pains in all sorts of places.

What it boiled down to was: it *is* possible for a piece of furniture to just be OVER-stuffed. And short of ripping the fabric apart and removing the big hunk of foam inside and getting it trimmed down, I didn't know what to do to fix it (other than return it and be chairless, or sell it and be chairless, or give it away and be chairless). I have been "getting by" for months by fitting a piece of soft cardboard between my back and the cushion. The cardboard pressed down on the cushion back, flattening/leveling it somewhat, and after time it molded to my back so it wasn't quite so stiff. But in the long term, that's a ridiculous solution.

I found a furniture repair place close to my home and finally had the guy in to look at my chair today. It cost a little money, and in the end I found out there was nothing he could do I couldn't do, but I had to observe him at work to know that.

The first thing I learned is the back fabric of the chair is nailed down, so you can detach it without ripping into the fabric itself. Then I learned all that "foam" I've been complaining about is actually this Dacron fluff, which can be pulled out in bits and pieces as big or small as you want. It was just so densely packed in it felt like one big hunk of foam.

So he starts pulling big hunks of fluff out, and shifting the rest of it around and having me sit in the chair and tell him how it feels. I swear that man took out a 13 gallon trash-bag's worth of fluff before I was satisfied.

And even then, I wasn't completely satisfied. I kept having him move the fluff remaining here and there and shifting it around, trying to keep it from bulging in weird places that I knew would make the part of my body resting there cramp up after a while.

Yes, I AM A PRINCESS, and that chair has a BIG PEA.

I asked him to leave the back unstapled/unnailed so I could keep adjusting it until I was satisfied. I'm fairly handy, I'll be able to get it the back fabric back in place when I am finally happy with it.
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Since I got a girlfriend, I don't blabble on in here as much as I used to about my daily trivia, I just relate my daily rants and raves to her and get on with my day. And so this journal has become a place where I post occasional fan-tidbits and my weekly writing update. And of course, keep up with everyone else.

So here is a brief synopsis of Masqishness:

(1) We are in the middle of software update season at work. Which is always a hell-time of late evenings and weekends, but at least this time it is highly organized and somewhat efficient. Only, one of my colleagues, a guy on my immediate "team" at work, got this bright idea to put in his two-week notice and go to another job right in the middle ofit. Leaving us with his updates, all his unfinished projects, and, oh, any other projects coming down the pipe that would have gone to him.

I don't know what the plans are to replace him, but hello, learning curve, it could be a while until that person is actually useful, and by then, the team leader herself will be gone for a while for maternity leave. Oh, joy, this Fall will be fun. It's already fun. Aforementioned team leader decided that I should end my Wednesday by dumping half of Leaving Colleagues' projects on me, most of which are not my area and I don't know what to do with, thereby guaranteeing my Wednesday night was the sleepless pits.

I sat down with Leaving Colleague Thursday morning to go over each of them and get any notes, tips, and hints he might have, just so I would stop feeling overwhelmed by it. One task at a time, that's how I will handle this. Don't get overwhelmed and don't skip time for yourself. Soon, the time will come when this turn of events will make you relieved and joyful, because you won't have to deal with Leaving Colleagues' abominable politics anymore.

(2) The MasqBro is coming on Sunday for a week. He's here for a short get-away-slash-to check out the area assuming he is able to sell his house. It's all a little nebulous right now as these things are, but he will be staying in my guest bedroom for a week, no kidlets in tow. It will give us a chance to catch up, but I dare say it won't slow down the pace of my life any.

(3) I went ahead and got the air conditioning upgrade and got my master bath skylight repaired. Two maintenance things to make me feel like I'm still working on my house even if it's not me doing the actual work. Two things that needed to be done before now that are done.

(4) Writing still happens. I have to squeeze it into the interstices, but it still happens.
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Every year, it seems, I undertake some major project in my house. In 2008, it was a new kitchen (well, cabinets and countertops and a paint job), last year it was the back patio cover, and this year I am contemplating getting the heat pump (combined AC/heater) replaced. Without consulting any paperwork I have buried in a closet somewhere, I am uncertain how old it is, but the inspector who looked at my house when I moved in indicated it would need to be replaced sometime in the next five years or so.

Now, a new AC is certainly a good investment in these parts, especially if it's one of those EnergyStar-rated ones that's more efficient. And this would be the year to switch, with tax rebates ending in Dec.

So I had a local company give me an estimate. They've been in the Valley since 1955 and are a member of the BBB, so I don't have any worries about the work they might do. And it would be speedy as well. It's just...those things cost a pretty penny.

Which I knew, except it's even more expensive than that. And it's not like the old one isn't functioning well. Just a bit inefficiently. And that just gives me pause.


Jun. 2nd, 2010 10:58 am
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::Looks around:: Is it June yet? Oh, good. May was just...exhausting. I took the MasqMom in for hip surgery early on the morning of the 4th (no, the other hip). Her surgery went as expected, and the plan was that she would stay at the hospital for three days, then go to a rehab place for a week. The transfer occurred on schedule, and then I spent the next few days running over to her place to bring her things--her mail, moar books!1!, clean clothes, and hauling away already-read books and dirty laundry to wash at home. I also let her use my laptop to check her email and bank accounts. And she drowned her cell phone with a glass of water, so I had to get her a new one, complete with a new smart chip that had to be programmed with her old information.

Then Mom started getting sick, mostly with the yakking. She had responded poorly to morphine and anesthetic after her previous surgery, but it had been days since she'd had either this time around, so this was a bit puzzling. And as long as she wasn't feeling well, she wasn't up to physical therapy. So the physical therapist wanted her to stay an additional week to do that work. Which ended up being semi-pointless, as my mom just wasn't feeling any better.

She was scheduled to check out Saturday the 15th, but that became Saturday the 22nd. She had rented a special hospital bed, and I spent time getting everything set up so she could convalesce at home. She was also set up to have home health workers come by to help her with difficult tasks and do her physical therapy with her.

The rehab place got back to her with test results they'd been doing from earlier in the week and informed her she had a urinary tract infection--apparently something that could not be medicated with oral antibiotics, but required an IV. So Mom turned right back around and checked into the hospital again. I thought it was a bit strange she needed hospitalization for a minor infection, but then she blithely mentioned to me a day into the treatment that her infection was caused by e. coli.

What? Where did she pick *that* up? Well, between hospitals and rehab facilities, we can only guess.

Suffice it to say she was in the hospital again for several days, and got discharged yesterday. She is still wearing a pic line for continued antibiotics, and I guess her "physical therapy" now consists of just trying to get on with her daily life, with a short daily visit by the home health folks.

Oy and oy.

Oh yes, and on top of all this, my May also consisted of finishing my library cabinet doors and crown molding, a task I've been putting off for two years, attending the art opening of the Sculptor, who was showing on Roosevelt Row this month, and dealing with the annual fritzing of my laptop computer keyboard, which once again had to be replaced in its entirety.

My big plan for June is to relax already. If that's actually possible. I need to clean my house from top to bottom in preparation for [personal profile] midnightsjane and [profile] anomster's arrivals. But what really complicates the relaxation plans is the fact that I just don't know how to lie around doing nothing. I'm incapable of it. I spent most of the hours over my Memorial Day weekend that I wasn't helping Mom painting the trim in my bathroom. For real. What?
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Have you ever had one of those weekends that turned out to be pretty productive even though you didn't plan for it to be? Which is nice, but exhausting. It started out distractingly enough. Drinks with some colleagues from work to celebrate the birthday of one of my nicer co-workers (hence me actually attending). Also, there was birthday cake earlier in the day. ::Ptui:: We shall speak of it no more! Drinks were supposed to take place on Mill Avenue in Tempe so said colleague could make cat-calls at college boys in celebration of her 49th year, but we ended up in east Mesa. Which meant I was sort of obligated to run a few errands for the mom, who is now in a rehab facility in that area.

Mom flat on her back rehabilitating from hip surgery meant no breakfast with her Saturday morning. So instead, I finished polish-editing the two chapters of my old novel I had wanted to complete by this week and worked on my long-neglected library cabinet doors. Those of you following the saga of my home improvements might recall how I had these classic-looking oak bookshelves custom built by a carpenter two years ago. When he came to install the final shelves, he discovered the cabinet doors he'd cut were too big, and we decided he'd take them back to his workshop, cut them down, and return to install them, along with one remaining piece of crown molding along the top of another bookcase. I made the (in retrospect) mistake of paying him in full that evening, and that was the last I saw of him, despite repeated nagging emails. I did the last of the staining and poly-urethaning of the shelves myself, and then took the measurements for the cabinets and had some doors cut myself at Home Depot. But adding the hinge hardware proved a little challenging for me, because I needed the sorts of hinges that are embedded in the doors themselves, and I just didn't have the tools and know-how to do that at the time. And trying to add that last bit of crown molding was even more challenging, since it needed to be cut at an oblique angle that was not only beyond my tools, but was hard to wrap my spatial orientation brain cells around.

So I sanded down the doors to size, slathered on stain, and just shoved them in place without hardware of any kind (including door pulls) and just lived with them falling out from time to time, and that missing piece of crown molding, for two years. Well, this Spring I was determined to bring that era to an an end. Because now? I Can Haz Dremmel! I dremmeled hinge holes in the doors this weekend and last, stripped and restained the cabinet doors (so they look like real wood!), installed them on the shelves, and polyurethaned them. All that's left now for that is to add the pulls to two of the doors (the other pair c'est fin). Then it's onto the crown molding. When I was installing curtains in my library nook, I accidentally pulled down another piece of molding which also needs to be put back in place.

Saturday afternoon, I finally, FINALLY was able to get my handyman guy over to put my bedroom bifold closet door back on track and re-install the floating shelves in the living room I had accidentally knocked down. Now they are reinforced as well, which is good, because they have been a bit saggy since I moved in there. I swear handyman and handyman, jr. got that bifold door back on its track in ten minutes flat. Which was ::boggling:: because I tried for hours, with a friend helping me, and couldn't get the damn thing back in place.

Which just goes to show you that DIY can only take you so far. Sometimes, you just need to spend a buck and let the experts have at it. They took a little while longer getting the floating shelves back in place, but they were there and gone in less than an hour, which enabled me to segue right into my more relaxing evening plans. Which themselves were only interrupted by repeated phone calls from the mom listing things she needed me to bring with me on Sunday when I came to call.

But, because I am super-woman, I did indeed pay the mom an extended Mother's Day visit in the rehab place Sunday morning, with all her required items in tow. She also wanted to check her email and bank accounts, so I brought my work laptop over for her to use.

Also on Sunday, I managed to find my way back into my new story, which had sort of stalled out at the end of last week.

And now I am tired.
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* I became a Lifetime member at Weight Watchers a month ago (monthly weigh-in only, no dues if within 2 pounds of goal), so now I'm due for my monthly weigh in, and the weight that for four weeks was hovering 1.5 pounds below goal is now, suddenly, a pound *over* goal, and has been both times I stepped on my scale this week (Tuesday and Friday). And to make things worse, I always weigh more on the WW scale than I do at home. How much more varies. Could be half a pound, could be a pound and a half more.

Well, gotta weigh in tomorrow and take my lumps, no use pushing it off (even though my WW meeting is on the other side of town where my mom lives and I'm not meeting her for breakfast or anything because she has a church event.)

* The handy man hasn't gotten back to me yet. One of my bedroom bifold doors got knocked off its track, and damned if me, and then a friend and me working together, could not get that thing back in place properly after an hour of labor both times. Oh, and I knocked one of the floating shelves off the wall in the living room with my new dining room rug (it tipped over, rolled up and bound). And the shelf below the fallen one is sagging a bit and needs to be reinforced.

* Dreamwidth sent me a reminder two days ago that my paid subscription was due to expire "In three days." I was all set to renew it whenever it expired, la-dee-dah, but the sudden, casual "oh, by the way, you have three days...." annoyed the &^%$ out of me. Did they send me a reminder earlier than that? I don't honestly remember. I don't think so. I probably will renew it sometime today, but I'll be grumpy about it.

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