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I have noticed an unsettling trend with myself lately. I have been doing a lot of eBook searches, looking for reading material. What I've noticed is, if I get the impression from the price/book description that a book is self-published, I have a tendency to think, "The writing is probably crap," and pass it by.

And I myself have a self-published novel.

I think we're past the point where one can assume that books that have not been accepted by a publisher are a sign of a weak writer. And yet, that lingering assumption remains in my head.

You'd think, for $2.99, or 0.99, I could take a chance on a book. I'd want a reader to do the same for me.
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I am a partner in the Google Books program, and have my book listed on Google Play. The book listing on Google Play has no plot description, no genre information, no information at all except a brief bibliographic listing on the right hand side:

I have TRIED and TRIED to find somewhere in Google help to add information to the Google Play entry. I was contacted by Google Books support. They seemed to think my issue was with Google Books entry on my paperback, or the Google Books entry on the eBook. IT IS NOT. This is my eBook entry on GOOGLE PLAY only.

How do I change the content there? Where the hell do I go? I wasted $25.00 setting up an Artist's Hub on Google Play until I realized it was for musicians only. That money has now been refunded.

The step-by-guide for help with Google eBooks offers four options, NONE of which is applicable (ISBNs,ePubs,Prices,PDFs), as these have already been completed successfully.

My book has been up for two months, it's not a matter of waiting for it to be fully loaded.

Nothing in the Google Books Partner Program maintenance addresses the Google Play issue.

Please give concrete assistance on the issue I am asking about,


Nancy Shaffer
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I found these this morning while googling:

There is still an issue with getting the book cover on some of U.S. sites, but I am told that's being worked on.

"Inhibition is nature's way of keeping you from doing something really stupid..."
Valerie Running Deer is a brash, brilliant neuroscience graduate student. Elizabeth Baldwin is her uptight, control-freak advisor. Elizabeth and Valerie's relationship has always been a battle of wills, but when Elizabeth hands over one of Valerie's original research ideas to another student, Valerie fires the shot that turns their cold war into a hot one: she makes a pass at Elizabeth's daughter Lisa, a coy, impetuous teen who has been harboring a crush on her.

Valerie's spiteful impulse is diffused when she starts to fall for Lisa behind Elizabeth's back, but a confrontation is inevitable. Valerie's tumultuous journey towards it will entangle her in the circuitous dance of the relationships around her as friends, colleagues, and family struggle to balance need and trust, impulse and restraint. Control freaks. Hot heads.

Timid artists. Impulsive kids. Dis/inhibition explores the complications of self-control both outside and inside the scientific laboratory.

Buy the book

| Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Books-a-Million |

Buy the eBook

| Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Apple iBookstore | Smashwords | Kobo |

The book is also available at Amazon UK and Amazon Canada.
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My website designer has finally moved me out of the queue and is working on my website, which will be parked at

If you are a writer or other creative sort on my flist and have a blog or site of your own that is centered around your creative endeavors and want to be on my external links page, leave a comment and I'll add it.
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I think the most difficult, grief-inducing part of self-publishing is formatting. I say that because I am still getting into the marketing part, but stay tuned, because I might change my tune later. But I spent a good two months getting my manuscript into a form--no, I take that back--THREE forms--that would deem it acceptable to book distributors.

The three forms are (1) print, (2) eBook ePub, and (3) ePub mobi. Print is pretty self-explanatory, although not easy, necessarily. ePub is the most common eBook format and you can find services that will turn your manuscript into an ePub file, but you have to do some work upfront to not have aforementioned manuscript kicked back to you as "not ready to be turned into an ePub yet." mobi is just a fancy word for the format used by Amazon Kindle, which in their infinite near-monopoly wisdom is different from every.other.eBook.seller.everywhere, who of course all use ePub.

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