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... but I know why.

First, a rec from the man behind Wesley Crusher:

I have only been aware of this misogyny-in-geekdom problem in the past year or so via LiveJournal links and posts on the topic. I've been a girl geek all my life )

So, in conclusion:

"Geeky is just shorthand for enthusiastic and enlightened" --[personal profile] scrollgirl


Sep. 11th, 2011 07:29 am
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Ten years ago, I was living with my friend Kevin in his apartment in the Haight district of San Francisco. I used to wake up to the classical music channel every morning on the clock radio (I don't even use an alarm clock these days--no point). I remember waking up to music, but then when the music faded, they broke for a news report about the one of the twin towers in NYC being hit by a plane. No one knew why yet. I think everyone assumed it was a really incompetent pilot.

So I went in to work, and heard about the other planes hitting their targets. I spent the rest of the day glued to streaming video news on my work computer. I watched the towers crumble. The ATPo board was full of anxious posts as we worried over our NYC friends, and waited for each to check in (

At some point, it was revealed that one of the planes, the one that crashed in rural Pennsylvania because the brave passengers took it away from its target, was originally bound for San Francisco. Many SFers were on the plane. None that I knew personally.

I went to New York in July of 2005 along with many ATPoers to hang out with each other and see the city. [personal profile] midnightsjane and I took a double-decker bus ride around lower Manhattan, and saw ground zero, among other sights.

I guess the closest I came to losing anyone I knew in the disaster was wondering if that week was the week my writing coach was supposed to go to NYC to do a writing seminar for some New York executives in the tower. Turns out, it wasn't.
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Summer, happily, is passing quickly. Never was a big fan of summer, and living where I live gives me a perfectly legitimate-looking excuse for the hermit behavior I would exhibit this time of year regardless of where I lived. This season is also the vacation-before-the-storm time. There will be a two-month period between mid-August and mid-October when I won't be taking any time off at all.

Software update season. (::queue dramatically chilling music::)

That's when we all work overtime at my place of employment getting all our customer's systems up to date on everything we've been working on since our last software update.

So I had a long weekend in June for the Gathering, I have a four-day weekend coming up in a few days (yay!) when I was supposed to make my annual trek to Santa Cruz to go camping with my mom. She is still recovering from everything that happened post-surgery in May and June, and can't go this year. So I will spend it at home, probably writing. At the end of the month, I am venturing back up to Oak Creek Canyon for a couple days of snoozing in the woods with the Sculptor.

Software update season is going to allow me a good excuse to skip something that jumped up at me out of nowhere: Homecoming. It's been 25 years since I graduated from college. In some ways, that makes a lot of sense--so much has happened in those years--in other ways, I'm just WTF?? Bottom line is, I'm just not ready to go back there and catch up with those folks. much has happened in those years. Not to mention, most of my really good friends weren't in my year and won't be there anyway.

I am taking a three-day weekend to catch up on my sleep and television shows in mid-October after the software updates are over. Then I'm taking a couple days on either side of Thanksgiving to, hopefully, allow for an extended weekend in San Francisco to meet my grandnephew. The MasqMom and I were supposed to meet him this weekend, but since we are not going to Santa Cruz, and I have to roll my cancelled airline flight to something else, I thought I'd head on up to SF, see the nephews (grand and otherwise), and visit my buds up there. And hopefully take the MasqMom with as she will be more mobile by then.

Did I mention the office manager here at work decided I was going to get three weeks of vacation this year even though I technically shouldn't be eligible to even start earning them until mid-November when I will have been here three years? Not arguing, just scrambling to fit them all into the second half of the year since I've been budgeting time off the first half of 2010.

That leaves a week and a half at Christmas, in which I am planning to get fat.

Well, back to work now to earn all that time off.
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Friends safely returned to their respective starting points √
Coupon for free Coke products used √
Bottle of wine rescued from smoky cabin sampled √
Milk, bananas, and other left-overs consumed √
Photos from the trip uploaded by all photo-takers (::waits::)

In other news, I am planning a trip to Mexico and Peru next year. Step pyramids: it's the new Zumba.
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Sunday and Monday )
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Red wine in juice glasses! We drink to all of you who could not be with us.

Mexican food and a confused trek to the grocery store that is like herding cats in cars. Thank goodness for cell phones and GPS.
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Sitting here in my living room with [personal profile] midnightsjane and [profile] anomster. Weird being "at the Gathering" and in my house at the same time.
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Just posted a post to brainstorm about stuff to do at the ATPo Gathering next month:

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