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Final leg of the vacation (and the photos!)

Grindelwald and surrounding area



- Includes two videos from the Universe of Particles exhibit

Other pic posts here:

Stuttgart, Heidelberg, and the Rhineland

Munich, Bavaria, and Castles

Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam and Holland
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Had a hard time pulling these together. Choosing shots, for one. For two, wrestling with photobucket, which kept changing around my ordering and losing my photo titles. Whomever wrote in the Help FAQ that "you can fix nearly everything by clearing your browser cache" LIEZ.

Stuttgart, Wurrtemberg


The Rhineland

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Includes brief videos of the glockenspiel here and here.

Warning: we were apparently a little immature while taking a few of these pictures. But sometimes, you can't resist.

Munich Museums

Bavarian Countryside and Castles
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Photos from Berlin. Alas, I still had not mastered the art of taking photos in a museum with my new camera, which kinda sucks in the phenomenal Museum Berggruen (and the Neues, for that matter).


Berlin Museums
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Finally, finally having time to sort through and edit my trip photos. Here is the first leg of the trip--Amsterdam and its surrounds. Thanks much to our Amsterdam host, [profile] zargon10!!


Volendam, Marken, and Countryside

Amsterdam Museums
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... but I know why.

First, a rec from the man behind Wesley Crusher:

I have only been aware of this misogyny-in-geekdom problem in the past year or so via LiveJournal links and posts on the topic. I've been a girl geek all my life )

So, in conclusion:

"Geeky is just shorthand for enthusiastic and enlightened" --[personal profile] scrollgirl
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Coming back from a vacation is rough. East-to-west jet lag, unpacking, getting back into routines. Of course, my routine prior to vacation involved a lot of lying around after work watching The Vampire Diaries, so this should be a piece of cake, yis?

Except for that to-do list over there of stuff I said I'd do after my vacation this year.


On the upside, we are discussing Episode 6 of OUAT S. 1 over at [profile] 2ceuponatime:
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Back in the little Frying Pan I call home.

Geneva )
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Onwards )
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First off, Happy Birthday, [profile] astrogirl2!

Munich )
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Berlin )
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Amsterdam and Berlin )
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I'm off to Amsterdam by way of London. Will try to blog during the trip if the opportunity arises. Holland, Germany, and Switzerland on the itinerary. Looking forward to meeting [profile] zargon10. Later, dudes.
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Part II of the OUAT flashbacks in chronological order, featuring my boy Baelfire, Jiminy Cricket, and young Geppeto:

In other news, less than a month until my fab Netherlands/Germany/Switzerland vacation. The Sculptor and I are making plans with [profile] zargon10 for our Amsterdam jaunt.

In the mean time, I am having a brain-fried time at work, I am squeezing in daily hours on my novel, and I officially cancelled the lumbar medial branch block+radiofrequency ablation procedure, at least for now. I may revisit them in a year down the line, but I want to try just going on physical therapy exercises for time being.

Oh, and I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, which I am wrestling with as I learn how to use it.

And my mom is being discharged from the extended care facility next Monday.

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