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A lot of people don't like doing New Years resolutions, and I don't blame them. Each year of our lives has a particular flow, and the flow we are in in one year is different than the one we veer into in the next, and therefore the expectations we develop from one may not apply to the other at all. We can't always control the way our lives flow.

But I think those of us privileged enough to have some semblance of control over at least part of our time ought to at least visualize how we'd like to spend that time, even if other stuff comes along to divert us from those visions. 2012 was a case-in-point year for that.

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2012 had a lot to commend for it. And more than one place to improve.
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Good Thanksgiving. I've stayed home, unlike last year's exhausting trek to SF. Have been laying around like a lump, which I need.

Dinner was at the bro and sil's. I took the Sculptor with me this year to finally meet the fam (yes, we have only been dating for two years, shaddup). That was relatively painless--the food was great and the company was... my family. We argue and discuss history and swap old family legends. The kids mostly behaved (boastful fish tales and pouting quietly are behaving, right?). And the Sculptor and my SIL hit it off as predicted. They both have the personalities and interests of elementary school art teachers.

All in all, a cozy family affair.

Now I can finish NaNo and get back to my mindless television viewing.

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