Sep. 24th, 2014 01:11 pm
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(1) I am reading stuff. But it's all trashy true crime, so, we'll skip that part.

(2) I had the stomach flu over the weekend and still feel crappy.

(3) Nevertheless, I climbed up on my roof on Sunday and cleaned off all the pine needles so roofers could come and give me a bid on resealing the flat part of my roof. Bid was humongous. *croak*

(4) We are moving to a new building at work on Friday. This will in no way be TOTAL CHAOS (/ sarcasm)

(5) I am taking an online writing class through a local community college. It is a LOT of work. Between that and the constant dental appointments (root canal, crown prep, crown...) I am feeling a bit stretched. Which explains (2).

(6) Mars! NASA MAVEN and ISRO's (India) Mars Orbiter now circling the red planet. September has been a cool month at least in that regard.

(7) Not prepared for new TV season. Just don't know when I'll have the time for any of it. Planning on watching Disney's Frozen as homework this Saturday, though. When did TV start having homework?

(8) Friend visiting in a couple weeks for OctoberFest. I hope it feels like fall by then, 'cause it doesn't right now. September is, traditionally, still summer here, except for the early mornings, which finally begin to cool down. We've been known to have 100+ in early October. I am losing my tolerance for this *&^%.

In conclusion, chocolate.
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From [personal profile] chaos_by_design: How do you cope with living in a state filled mostly with Republicans?

It helps living in Tempe. This is a college town with a residential population that skews rather liberal for the area. During recent election years, for example, I saw more Obama/Biden signs in yards and windows in my immediate neighborhood than the Other Guys. During a recent mayoral election, the son of our ex Democratic Congressman Harry Mitchell won over the Republican candidate strong in old business ties to the city. Also, the way electoral districts are carved up puts me in a district that tends to vote Democratic. We elected the outspokenly liberal openly bisexual Kyrsten Sinema as our congresswoman in 2012.

The other thing that helps is my family lives here. I would not be living in this state at all if my parents had not retired here. My mother and brother are both very liberal. I have to avoid my brother's Facebook page sometimes, though, as he likes to post and rant a little about the right-wing nuts in this state.

In fact, I have to confess that my primary method of coping is just to avoid the media: local news (heck, national news as well), local television in general, newspapers, magazines, etc.

And of course, the Biggie: don't read the bumper stickers. It's almost a reflex, when you are sitting at a traffic light and a little bored, to look at the bumper of the car ahead of you. Tip: Just. Don't.

Avoidance is not always possible, of course. The worst time for the avoidance strategy is during even-number election years, when all the placards go up on street corners. Some countries and states have laws that limit the number of weeks those signs are allowed to be up. Not here. In an election year, they go up in the early Spring and often are still there weeks after the election is over in November. And they can be really, really nasty. Coping strategy: just drive, and keep your eyes ahead. But not on the bumper of the car in front of you.

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