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May. 19th, 2013 05:07 pm
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All I want to know is, how can there be all these icon posts for the last two episodes of OUAT season 2 and NONE of them contain a single icon of Baby Baelfire? I mean, the episodes were about him. Am I wrong?

As usual, I have to do it myself. I claim no talent at icon-making (hint, hint internet artistes). Also, since there were no good ActionPirate!Baelfire screenshots online (they are all blurry, kid's quick), I had to do that myself, too.

 photo lostboy_zps0e09fca4.jpg

Second star to the right, and straight on til morning )

Previous Baby!Bae icon post:

Note: animated gifs are probably too big for LJ/DW. Sorry.
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So it turns out Young!Baelfire is totally my OUAT woobie. I am hardly an internet artiste, but I made some icons anyway.

 photo eb324ea5-29be-4cf2-9ba5-a9f235cb86e1_zpse65df731.jpg

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I set aside today to work on the second draft outline of my novel. So naturally, I made fandom icons.

My girl and her boys:

Spoilers take Manhattan (OUAT 2.14) )
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Some of you may remember [profile] indulging_breck from hir Angel/Buffy iconing days. The awesomeness continues with an iconing of the original Trek series, now underway:

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