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Word is after 12/15, OUAT season 3 will not return until March 9th. Whut. So, plan:
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Thinky-thoughts on this week's episode, 1.2: The One You Love Most,




And OMG, getting caught up with the OUAT flashbacks-in-chronological order videos:

Part 4: Regina escapes Cora

Part 5: Rumplestiltskin and the Doctor

Part 6: A Dwarf, a Genie, and a Huntsman

Part 7: Red and Snow
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Things are already hoppin' over at [profile] 2ceuponatime. Today's episode: Season 1, ep 1, The Pilot:
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The OUAT rewatch community is up and ready to go: [profile] 2ceuponatime.

I have posted a preliminary viewing schedule here. It may need some adjustments, so go chime in your thoughts.

If you expressed any interest in the rewatch (and in a couple cases, if you didn't), you should already have an invite to the comm. Anyone wanting an invite to the comm, go here.
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OUAT flashback videos, Chapter 3: Cora and Eva

Now, on the topic of OUAT, I am thinking this for a rewatch:

(1) Start a community called Twice Upon A Time (oh, the cleverness of me!) - It is here [profile] 2ceuponatime
(2) Watch one episode a week. No big rush to get to season 2 or to finish before the new season starts. I am thinking a Sunday evening NA Eastern time zone 8 pm time slot for when posts on the latest ep are welcome.
(3) Allow anyone who is a member of the comm to post new posts with thots.
(4) Get someone more artistic than me to give us a cool banner.

Low stress, fun paramount. Thots?

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