Aug. 6th, 2012

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Yeah, so I have an author website launching soon and a website designer who wants that launch ASAP and I am floundering pulling my cOntent together. I mean, talk about your writer's block suddenly hitting, your word-smithing skills crapping out, and your total lack of Photoshop-fu being your undoing.

That. Me.

So I remind myself, you know, self, when you launched All Things Philosophical on Jan 1, 1999 (!), the show was in frigging season 3 and you were still sweating over your desperate need to prove the philosophical genius that was I Robot, You Jane. People still visited your site and came back when there was more to see. Having more to see is what brings people back.

Yeah, okay, fine, but... if I take too much time coming up with a description of my new writing project, it will have sucked all of August into a giant black hole the way it did this ENTIRE PAST WEEKEND. I need to just write something and fiddle with it later.

Actually, it sucked up almost the entire past weekend. It turns out I have Google TV with a Chrome App that lets me stream's feed on my television instead of having to shove it into one corner of my 13-inch computer screen while I Photoshop stuff badly in another window. So I'm photoshopping and Curiosity-geeking, and then around 9 or 9:30 I discovered Twitter. Yeah, if you have no one else to geek with over the Mars Rover, there's always #msl #nasa #jpl #curiosity #marscuriosity.

The photoshopping and summary writing sort of petered out at that point. And joining the world in cheering on the most harrowing long jump of the summer helped put the petty little stresses of my every day life into perspective.

Now it's time to go for a ride on a dune buggy.
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Mega-cool video depicting what was supposed to happen last night above Mars (and did!) step by step...

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