Apr. 29th, 2012

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Today is my 9th anniversary on Live Journal. I remember when LJ was the new thing we all drifted over to from the ATPo board, pretty much sealing the demise of its hey-day. Now it's the old thing people left for Dreamwidth or Facebook or Twitter three years ago, or for Tumblr nowadays. And I don't blame them. DW's looking pretty good these days. But if I switched, it would only be to take comments there instead of here, since I'm technically on both already.

I still prefer the journal format for my online interaction, because I am a woman of words. And more than one or two sentences per, tyvm. Which I think is true of other journalers on my flist/dwircle who are members of what [profile] shadowkat67 calls, "the online correspondence/frustrated writers club."

I am glad I have LJ and DW and Facebook to interact with my long-time friends, and my new friends.


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