Mar. 23rd, 2012

Web design

Mar. 23rd, 2012 04:44 pm
masqthephlsphr: (disinhibition)
I have tried googling this, searching, and looking it up on to no avail, but I have a lot of writers on my flist, so maybe one of you has some suggestions. I am getting ready to grab a web domain for my original fiction, and need a good web designer. One of the biggest criticisms of was the design and readability. I just threw that thing together with spit, kleenex, and html circa 1999. I figured it was all about the content, not the aesthetics. I've watched enough HGTV at this point to know that the way something looks is as important for getting people to go there as the content is, whether that's fair or rational or not.

Initially, I have no ambitions to turn this website into a writer's "platform", although that's what it will eventually become, I suppose. And I want it to be creative, not look like I'm selling widgets or posting my resume. And yes, it will include a way to buy my books. But initially, it will just be a promotional site for the book I have coming out.

The problem isn't finding web designers, it's figuring out who's reliable and good at what they do.

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