Feb. 29th, 2012

masqthephlsphr: (don't fuk)
1. So there's supposed to be an American remake of Sherlock Holmes? Urgh, argh, c'mon, country o' mine, you have enough culture of your own not to continually display these obvious (and immediate) attempts at success!envy. Right? Right? Far be it for me to say, "Do something American," 'cause it sounds so jingoistic. But yeah, that. Sherlock belongs to the UK, always has. And they thought of Being Human first. Deal with it.

The new contemporary UK version of Sherlock, though? Very cool.

2. Same deal with the remake of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The Sculptor begged me to go with her to the theater to see this. Instead, I gave her a three-Saturday-night marathon of the extended versions of the original Swedish films. In Swedish. With Swedes. Noomi Rapace: accept no substitutes.

3. C'mon, country: do something new. Not a big fan of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot. For one thing, it's totally AU after destroying All of Vulcan. But it lost my respect when it make Kirk a Captain straight out of the academy (which is also, btw, totally AU).

4. Why didn't any of you people tell me about the Edwardian soap opera that is Downton Abbey? Oh wait, you did. That's why I'm Netflixing it. Still on Season 1, though, so no spoilers.

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