Jan. 17th, 2012

masqthephlsphr: (muse)
Sigh. Like many others, I am missing the old days of LJ (read as "LJ" or "DW") when there was just more interaction. Thing is, I am not sure what to do to compensate for that. With old friends, people move on in life and don't post/comment as often, or they change interests and the topics they post about no longer interest you. I am that way myself. Things I used to post about in here end up in a Facebook one-liner, or get shared with the Sculptor and never make it in here.

And then, even if they did, I wonder if that post would just get the crickets chirping.

One of the things I had that I no longer have is an active fandom to post about. I have shows and books that I like, but my old friends might not be into those same shows/books. And to enter the "fandom" of books/shows you are newly fannish about in order to make new friends, it seems you need to have an interest in fan fiction--either reading it or writing it--or icons, or videos. And I am not interested in any of those things. I had a fan fiction project, once. It met a need I had at the time, and once it did that, I was done. That was more about the need to see a story I liked on the television finished than a need to write in a particular fictional universe.

People just seem less interested in essays and discussion, and that's my way of being fannish.

I wish my life were more colorful than it is, but it isn't. I go to work, I write original fiction, I spend time with my GF, I go to bed and get up and do it all over again. Most days.


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